Non SDA sources affirm the Millennium reign of Saints with Christ in Heaven

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., an internationally acclaimed orthopedic trauma surgeon and Bible-believing Christian, “The Biblical evidence is compelling that the earth will be totally desolate during the millennium and will be inhabited ONLY by Satan and his evil angels. The Millennium will take place ONLY in heaven (except for Satan and his evil angels) for the following reasons: 1) The earth will be in utter desolation ("chaos and vacant") during the millennium. 2) Only Satan and his evil angels will be on earth during the millennium, "chained" by circumstances. 3) Jesus will take the righteous to heaven during the millennium and ALL the wicked will be dead. The resurrection of the wicked occurs AFTER the millennium. 4) The earth MUST rest for 1,000 years because it hasn't rested every seventh year since Creation. 5) Jesus said repeatedly, "My kingdom is NOT of this world." 6) Jesus commanded us NOT to look for Him anywhere on this earth. Those would be false "Christs." 7) When Jesus comes, the righteous will be "caught up to meet Him in the air" then, 8) Jesus will take us to where He is NOW - - - heaven! For the Millennium!”. (Source:

Klaus Kuehl and Rachel Cory-Kuehl, members of The Church of God Seventh Day (CGSD), "We hold an opinion which differs from the majority of CGSD members on two doctrines. First: We believe that Christ died on Friday, not Wednesday. Second: We believe that the righteous will be raptured to heaven, to the Father's house when Christ returns. We believe that they will spend the 1000 years with Christ in the Father's house, and will return to earth when the 1000 years are finished. As I understand it, the majority of the CGSD believe that the righteous will reign with Christ on the earth during the millenium.." (Source:

Note: Dr. Lorraine, although raised as a Seventh-day Adventist has no attachment to any organised religion.