Ministries and denominations which do not endorse Women's Ordination

Christian Research Institute (CRI), “Another resource that will be helpful in studying the subject of women in leadership is called Women in Ministry, edited by Bonnidell and Robert Clouse (IVP 1989)…We would add, however, that the position of the book’s editors is that women can be head pastors, which is not the position of CRI”.1

Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry (CARM), “God's word clearly tells us that the elder is to be the husband of one wife. A woman cannot qualify for this position by virtue of her being female. Whether anyone likes it or not is irrelevant to the fact that this is what the Bible teaches”.  (Source:

Koinonia House, the Ministry of Chuck and Nancy Missler, the creators of, “Chuck agrees that women should not be pastors over men in the life of a church”. 1

American Baptist Association, “We believe that there are two divinely appointed offices in a church, pastors and deacons, to be filled by men whose qualifications are set forth in Titus and 1 Timothy."

Orthodox Presbyterian Church, “Positions of elders, deacons, pastors can only be filled by men”.

Other denominations that do not endorse the ordination of women:
  • Southern Baptist Convention
  • Presbyterian Church in America
  • Orthodox Presbyterian Church
  • Evangelical Lutheran Synod
  • Christian Episcopal Church


1. The replies we received when we wrote and inquired about their position toward ordination of women as pastors.

Note: The Roman Catholic Church and the Orthodox family of churches also do not endorse women's ordination.