The Earth’s Final Movie

Adapted from the message: The Blueprint: The Earth's Final Movie by Ivor Myers
Note: This document was prepared specifically for teens. Some Bible verses cited in this article have been paraphrased for easy reading.

Almost everyone has a favorite movie. If I were to ask you to share an outline of that favorite movie in 20 minutes or so, how many of you could do that? What if I asked you to share a presentation of the great battle between Jesus and Satan in the Bible in 20 minutes - could you do that?  That is what we are going to do. We are going to juice the Bible. Once we do that, you will be able to share the great battle between Jesus and Satan in just 20 minutes. So let’s follow this movie, and then, it will be your turn to share this movie with your friends.

Our movie starts with an angel called ‘Lucifer’ in Heaven.

How is Lucifer referred to in Ezekiel 28:14? “You are a covering angel” (Ezekiel 28:14). The word ‘cover’ means to protect or guard.

What was this angel covering?  Covering angels guarded the mercy seat which was also the throne of God where God came and sat. Under the mercy seat was a box called the Ark of the Covenant (Deuteronomy 10:4, 5; Revelation 11:19). The Ark of the Covenant was like a treasure box where God had his most valuable treasure; His law of love (Romans 13:8). The Bible says the law of God “is the foundation of God’s throne” (Psalm 89:14).  So, when Lucifer was guarding God’s seat of mercy or his throne, he was also actually guarding the law of God that was under His throne. “The covering angels had wings spread out. They faced each other and covered, and protected, the mercy seat with their wings.” (Exodus 37:9).

But what happened to Lucifer later on? Lucifer “was perfect until sin was found in him” (Ezekiel 28:15).  What is sin in the Bible? Sin is breaking the law of God (1 John 3:4). So, do you see that Lucifer, who was guarding the law of God, ended up turning against that very law? Therefore, the first war that broke out in heaven was over the law of God.

Have you wondered how Lucifer was able to deceive one-third of the angels? Lucifer said, “I will go above the top of the clouds; I will be like the most High God” (Isaiah 14:14).  What is God like? God is holy, good, and righteous (Exodus 34:6). But what was Lucifer saying when he said “I will be like God”, but at the same time he was going against the law of God? Lucifer not only wanted the power of God, but he was saying, I can be loving, good, and righteous like God without His law telling me how to do it. Do we hear our friends today saying the same thing? “We are fine, we can be good people but we don’t need God or his law to tell us how to live”? That idea came straight from Lucifer, and that is how he deceived one-third of the angels.

Lucifer and his angels were chased from heaven, but why wasn’t Lucifer immediately judged and destroyed?  When there is an issue between two, they are to take it to court and the judges will decide the case, releasing the innocent and punishing the guilty. (Deuteronomy 25:1). In the Bible, God puts down a principle, or rule. Whenever an issue arose between two groups, there had to be a third group to decide who was right and who was wrong. Now when Lucifer and his angels sinned in heaven, how many sides were there in heaven? Only two:

1) God and his angels

2) The devil and his angels

Because there was no third group, God did not judge or destroy Lucifer. But let’s see what God said next to Lucifer.

Why did God say to Lucifer, I will put you before Kings?  “I will throw you to the ground; I will put you before kings, that they may see you.” (Ezekiel 28:17).  In the Bible, “put you before kings” is like saying “put you before judgment”. Lucifer must have wondered who those kings were that God was going to put him before to be judged. Don’t forget, there were only two sides in heaven!

Who are the kings, and the judges (jurors) who will judge Lucifer?  “Do you not know that we will judge angels?” (1 Corinthians 6:3). “And God has made us to be kings and priests: and we will live on the earth.” (Revelation 5:10). The Bible says one day we will judge angels. Isn’t that amazing? Did you know that when judges (jurors) are chosen, they must:
1) Have little or no knowledge of the case (did you know that we weren’t even created when war broke out in heaven?)

2) Must be law-abiding citizens (Adam and Eve were created with the law of God written on their hearts)

3) Be able to see clearly between right and wrong, and must not be controlled by a large crowd’s opinion (after Adam and Eve sinned, they could no longer clearly see right from wrong)

So, what did Lucifer do when he saw that God had created Adam and Eve?  Lucifer tricked Adam and Eve by saying, "You will be like God [or a judge], knowing both good and bad." (Genesis 3:5).  If you had access to a judge who you knew would decide your life, what would you do? Some people would seek to bribe the judge, right? Satan did just that. He tricked Adam and Eve to disobey God.  When Adam and Eve sinned (disobeyed God), they were no longer able to be judges. You know why? Because they could no longer see clearly between right and wrong. But Jesus came to the garden, and gave a beautiful promise that He will come to save us (Gen 3:5). The promise was that Jesus will make everything right between God and us (Romans 5:10) and he will change us back to His image (2 Corinthians 3:18) so that we can once again see clearly between right and wrong.

We just saw what happened in Heaven, and what happened in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Now let’s fast- forward our movie to the book of Exodus.

What special thing did God give Israel when they came out of Egypt?  The people of Israel were God’s special people, but at that time they were slaves in Egypt. When God brought them out of Egypt, God gave them something special. Do you know what God told Moses to build? He told Moses to construct a building called a sanctuary (Exodus 25:8). Now this building had interesting furniture, and all the furniture led up to one place – to God’s mercy seat or his throne of mercy. God gave this building (sanctuary) to teach the people that if they wanted to come to God, and be saved, they must follow the path shown in the sanctuary. Psalms 77:13 says “God’s way is shown in the sanctuary”.

Why do we need to know about this sanctuary (let’s call it God’s GPS)?  Do you know what a GPS is? In vehicles, there is something called a GPS. Basically, if you get lost, and if you have a GPS, it will tell you where you are, so that you can find your way back home. The sanctuary building is God’s GPS for us. It is the Gospel Plan of Salvation. It helps us to find our way back to God. Don’t forget, we have all sinned against God. Sin pushes us far back from God. But the way back to God is shown in the sanctuary. How does the sanctuary show us the way back to God? Notice with me:

What is the first thing you need to do to when you become a Christian? You must first accept Jesus and his sacrifice for your sins. What is the next thing you would do? You would get baptized. What is the next thing you would do as a Christian? You would read God’s word. Next? You would pray. Next? You would shine your light (witness). Next? Also, you would obey God’s law. Now, did you know that this is the exact order of items in the sanctuary? Notice with me:

1) The first thing in this building was the altar (table) of Sacrifice. This is where lambs were sacrificed. Who was the Lamb that died for you? Jesus. So, the first thing you had to do was accept Jesus’ sacrifice for your sins.

2) The second thing was the Laver. It was a wash basin. It told us that we must be baptized by water, and spirit.  

3) The third thing was a table with bread called the Table of showbread. Bread showed the word of God. It meant I must study the word of God every day.

4) The fourth thing was an Altar (stand) of Incense. It was a stand with smoke going up. It represented prayer, meaning I need to pray daily.  

5) The sixth thing was a stand with candlesticks called the 7 candle sticks. It showed that we must let our light shine, and be witnesses.

6) The last thing was the Ark [box] of the Covenant, which had the law of God. It showed that we must obey God’s law.

So, this is what God’s sanctuary is telling us. If we want to be saved, this is the way God saves us:

1) I must trust in Jesus’s sacrifice for my sins daily (Table of Sacrifice) – we need say “I’m sorry” to Jesus daily for our wrongs

2) I must be baptized by water (and led by Holy Spirit daily) (Laver)

3) I must read God’s word daily (Table of Bread)

4) I must pray daily (Table of Incense)

5) I must be a witness daily (Table of Candlesticks)

6) I must obey God’s law daily (Ark (box) of the Covenant)

Did you also know that God saves people over and over again through the path shown in the sanctuary? See how Israel was saved in Exodus:

1) First, God asked Israel to sacrifice a lamb before they could leave Egypt (Exodus 27:1-8) – This shows the Altar of sacrifice.

2) Second, God led and saved them through the red sea (Ex. 12) – This showed the laver, or baptism 

3) Third, God rained manna, or bread from heaven (Ex. 16:15) – This showed the Table of showbread -The Word of God

4) Fourth, God said “you are my peculiar people” (Ex 19:5,6) – They were to be God’s witnesses

5) Fifth, God said, “be ready and pray” to meet Him (Exodus 19:10, 11) – This showed the altar of incense

6) Finally, God gave them the Ten Commandments – This showed the Ark of the Covenant

Did you know that the entire Old Testament is about Satan trying to destroy the people who had this special building (sanctuary)? The devil hated the people who had the sanctuary because Jesus, the Messiah, was to come through these people. The devil hated the sanctuary because it showed the way to come to God, and be saved.

Now imagine this building (GPS) is like a football - God gave this football to Israel. They were to take it down the field. But when Israel was taking this football down the field, they disobeyed God, and went against God. God allowed them to get captured by Babylonians. Then what happened? We are brought before the first of THREE time prophecies in the Bible.

Do you know what a time prophecy is?  Simply, God would say after a certain time period, this specific event will happen.
So what is the first time prophesy we need to know? It is called the 70 weeks prophecy in the book of Daniel.

So, what is this prophecy about? This prophecy is simply God saying to Israel, ‘Jesus will come in 70 weeks time (Daniel 9:24-27). If you are not ready to receive Him, and if you are not ready to accept Him, I will take the sanctuary from you, and I will give it to somebody else’. And guess what happened? Jesus came just as the prophecy said, but Israel rejected Jesus. You know what happened when Jesus died? All lamb sacrifices in the sanctuary on earth stopped because Jesus, the real lamb of God, died for us. Then He rose from the dead and He went into the sanctuary in heaven (Hebrews 8:1,2). He is there to save everyone from sin who believes that He died for them. So now the football is taken from the old Israel (Jews) because they rejected Jesus and it is given to the new (spiritual) Israel. Anyone who truly follows Jesus is the new Israel.

We just went through, i.e., juiced, the entire Old Testament.

What happened thereafter?

God gave the new (spiritual) Israel, the gift of tongues to preach the message about Jesus, baptism, prayer, study of God’s word, witnessing, and obeying God’s law. But Satan said, “I must stop these people from preaching these messages.” So he first raised up old (literal) Israel to attack God’s people, and then he raised literal Rome to attack God’s people, but Satan found that every time a Christian died, it was working against his plan. So Satan said, “I must change my tactics.”

How did Satan change his tactics? We are shown the second time prophecy in the Bible called the 1260 year period.

This prophecy simply stated that there would rise a power called a little horn, and this little horn power would try to throw down and get rid of God’s sanctuary truth (Daniel 8:12).  So how did Satan use this little horn power to throw down God’s truths about Jesus, baptism, study of God’s word, prayer, witnessing, and the law of God? During a time called the dark ages, a spiritual church system came up, and these changes in God’s system were implemented:

1) Jesus’ sacrifice (Altar of Sacrifice) – This system said Jesus’ sacrifice was not enough to pay for our sins. We must do additional things, like human works, to receive forgiveness (e.g.: punishing your body for your sins).

2) Baptist (Laver) – This system brought in infant baptism and water sprinkling when the Bible said we must truly repent and go under water to be baptized.

3) Word of God (Table of Shewbread) - This power said you can’t understand the word of God, only priests can, and they introduced traditions of the church above the Word of God.

4) Prayer (Altar of Incense) - They said you can’t pray directly to God; you have to go through a priest, or other people.

5) Witness (Candle Sticks) - God’s people were persecuted, or stopped from being witnesses.

6) Law of God – This system changed the law of God by changing the 7th day Sabbath, to first day, Sunday.

What was God going to do now? Can you see these things in our movie? Fortunately, there was one more prophecy called the 2300 year prophesy (Daniel 8:13). This prophecy simply stated that at the end of 2300 years (what year is that? - 1844), at that time, the sanctuary truths would be restored, and taught correctly (Daniel 8:13, 14). This is how God began to bring back the truths that were lost. Over a 500 year period, God began to bring back every truth that was put down.

Altar of Sacrifice - God raised up Mr. Martin Luther (AD 1483-1546), the founder of the Lutheran Church to do this. He began to tell the world that Jesus’ sacrifice alone, not our human works, paid for our sin. If I was living during the time of Luther, guess who I will be following everywhere? Mr. Martin Luther.

Laver – God raised Mr. John Smyth (AD 1576-1612), the founder of the Baptist church next. He started to preach baptism by going under water after repenting for sins.

Altar of Incense – God raised up Mr. John Calvin (AD 1509-1564), the founder of the Presbyterian Church. He said we could pray to God directly. We didn’t need other people to pray through.

Table of Shewbread – God raised up Mr. John Wycliffe (AD 1328-1384). He translated the Bible to common language, making the word of God accessible to the people.

Seven-branch Candle Stick – God raised up Mr. John Wesley (AD 1703 -1791), the founder of the Methodist Church, to teach again the truth about witnessing, evangelism and outreach.

Guess what was left to be taught again?

Ark of the Covenant – During the 1830’s, God began to raise up various people from various churches such as the Baptist, the Methodist, the Anglican and many others who eventually would get together to form a movement, that would later become the Seventh-day Adventist movement. This movement began to preach all the truths in the sanctuary, including the law of Christ, which includes the 7th day Sabbath.

My friend, you are not a Seventh-day Adventist by accident!

This movement has a prophetic birth certificate. You are a Seventh-day Adventist, and not any other!

What happens next in the movie?

Jesus will come to take us to heaven. He will break through the sky (Revelation 6:14). All the people who died, truly believing in Jesus, will rise from their graves (1 Thessalonians 4:16). We will go to heaven for 1000 years, where we will judge angels (Revelation 20:4). By the way, when books were opened in 1844 (Daniel 7:10), it was for this reason: Satan was pointing his finger at us, and telling God, “You can’t take these people to heaven because they are sinners!” But the books were opened, not to support Satan’s charge, but to prove that Satan is a liar. When Satan says, hey, he did this and he did that; God says, “Well, my book says he repented, and trusted Jesus’ sacrifice.” The books of judgment show key evidences to save you, not to destroy you. We will all say with a loud voice, “Correct and true are God’s way of judging us.” (Revelation 19:2).

After 1000 years, we will come down to earth

When we come to the end of the 1000 years (the Bible calls it the millennium), God comes down with his people. He will raise the wicked dead (Revelation 20:5). When the wicked are raised, God’s word tells us that this earth will be the biggest movie theatre the world has ever seen. We are told that in panoramic view, most likely in 3D, every wicked person will watch their own personal movie. Each actor, or person, will remember what he or she did on this earth, and how they rejected Jesus. “You told me about Superman, but you did not tell me about this movie!” Now we don’t want the wicked to say that to us, do we?

God will destroy the wicked with fire!

God uses fire, not because he is mad, but because he is love. God is described as a consuming fire. Song of Solomon tells us that love is like a consuming fire. Have you ever been in love before? Have you felt that fire? That is what God is like, my friends. According to the Bible it is the righteous who will burn forever by God’s fire of love (Isaiah 33:14-15), but the wicked will burn up, and become ashes (Psalms 37:20). God cannot allow the wicked to enter paradise, because paradise would be hell for them.

God will create a new earth: The Bible says from Sabbath to Sabbath (Isaiah 66:23), we will worship God. Just as Israel was commanded to keep the Sabbath to remember how God saved them from Egypt, we will forever keep the Sabbath to remind us how God delivered us from sin and death on this earth.

Friend, do not doubt Jesus. Do not doubt your Adventism! You are not an Adventist by accident.

The movie is over and it is only few pages; the juicing process is complete. Now it is your turn to share this movie with your friends. 

See if you can follow the steps (1-6) to the throne of God in the following charts: 

Thousands of years before Christ died on the cross, the Sanctuary showed that Jesus will die on a cross.