A Call to Join Our Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Do you like to join our ministry in some way? Here's how:

1) Send in your articles: If you write/have written "Word of God" based articles/papers/responses that address various Christian/doctrinal/anti-SDA topics, we'll post them with you as the author.

2) Audio Sermon transcripts: Looking for volunteers who could help us with audio sermon transcripts.

3) Promote Everlasting Gospel: Have you been blessed by this website? If so, please share the blessing with your friends and family by posting / sharing our link / messages in your myspace, facebook, personal blog, or other website. Spread the Everlasting Gospel. We appreciate your support.

If you think you can find time to assist us with the above, please write to us at:


God bless!
Team Everlasting Gospel