The gospel messages of the three angels

Remember the gospel messages of the three angels in Revelation 14:6-12?


God says the gospel is for everyone

‘I saw another angel (messenger carrying the gospel message) to preach the everlasting good news to everyone’ (Rev. 14:6, 7). You and the church are messengers [angels] that will take this message to everyone.



God’s everlasting good news is this:


·       All have sinned and all must die, but all can be saved through Jesus (Rom 6:23)


·       God comes after you (Psalms 23:6)


·       God forgives my sins (Isaiah 43:25)


·       I am acceptable to God (Rom 15:7)


·       I have eternal life now (1 John 5:13)


·       God poured us His love in spite of who we are (Rom 5:8)


·       God treated Jesus as if he committed every sin I did so that I can be treated as if I did every righteous act Christ did (2 Cor 5:21)


·       I am God’s child (John 1:12)


·       God grants faith to me as a gift so that I can receive the gift of life eternal (Romans 12:3)


·         Grace saves you, shapes you, rewires you, transforms you, empowers you, and softens you like Jesus (Rom 6:14)


·        Grace moves you to be loving and generous (Acts 20:24)



The first gospel angel can tell you how you will respond to the everlasting good news



a) The gospel motivates you to ‘fear [reverence] and honour God’ (Rev 14:7).

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’ (Proverbs 9:10). Faith or wisdom is born out of fear and reverence for God. Faith that begins with fear will end up nearer the Father.


b) The gospel moves you to ‘give glory to God’ (Rev 14:7).

We can “give glory because of God’s loving-kindness, because of God’s truth.” (Psalm 115:1)


c) The gospel assures you that you will not come under condemnation when ‘the time has come for God to judge’ (Rev. 14:7).

The good news is that you are beyond condemnation because you belong to Christ now; you are in Christ and Christ is in you (Rom 8:1). You come before the judgment seat of God full of rebellion and mistakes. Because of his justice he cannot dismiss your sin, but because of his love he cannot dismiss you.  So, in an act which stunned the heavens, Jesus punished himself on the cross for your sins. God’s justice and love are equally honored. And you, God’s creation, now stand before the judgment seat forgiven, and transformed because of Jesus.



c) The gospel draws us to ‘worship God’ (Rev. 14:7), and invites us to enter into God’s true Sabbath rest.


Worship is a voluntary act of gratitude offered by the saved to the Savior, by the healed to the Healer, and by the delivered to the Deliverer.


True rest is found not in a day, but in a person. It is found in Jesus alone, the Lord of the Sabbath.  You enter true gospel rest when you stop trying to earn salvation, and put your hope, confidence and trust in what Christ has done for you. Your weekly Sabbath keeping is sign that you have found true rest and salvation in Jesus alone.



The second and third gospel angels will tell you how being rooted in the gospel truth will protect you from dangers that will transpire at the end before Jesus comes (Rev. 14:6-7).




The gospel truth will keep you safe from confusion and false belief systems.

‘A second angel followed, calling out, “Great Babylon [false belief systems] has fallen!’ (Rev 14:8).


The gospel tells you that enduring faith in Jesus guarantees you God’s end time SEAL of faith (seal of God), and helps you overcome Satan’s end time MARK of disobedience (mark of the beast).


[Note: God gave you the first seal of the Holy Spirit when you gave your heart to Jesus.


God sealed us and gave us the Spirit in our hearts as the FIRST installment that guarantees everything he has promised us’ (2 Cor. 1:21, 22).


There is also a LAST day seal according to Revelation 7:3, “Do not harm…till we have placed the Seal of God on the people who serve God”. People who have faith in Jesus will be protected [sealed] from the harm (plagues) that will fall on the earth before Jesus comes.]


The gospel makes us eager to ‘obey’ and ‘stay faithful to Jesus’

‘Here are the saints that stand passionately patient, keeping God’s commands, staying faithful to Jesus’. (Rev. 14:12)


God's gospel of grace does not negate obedience. It empowers it. When we truly trust the Lord, He will live in us, reveal His will to us; show us what to do. The gospel leads to obedience.