Non SDA sources on Tithing

Christian Research Institute, “If CRI has had an official position on the subject, it has been that Christians should tithe. Walter Martin’s answer to this question was a resounding yes. He cited Hebrews 7:8–9 as proof, arguing that just as Abraham, who was before the Law of Moses, paid tithes to Melchizadek (a type of Christ), so we who were “in his loins” as his children through faith (even as the text says Abraham’s grandson Levi was in his loins) should properly pay tithes to Christ. Current CRI president Hank Hanegraaff has not been as vocal about tithing as was Martin, but in an upcoming book he will take the position that tithing is for today. He cites, among other things, the fact that Jacob tithed to God long before Moses (Gen. 28:22), and long after Moses, Jesus reaffirmed tithing even while censuring the Pharisees for their meticulous practice of it to the neglect of the weightier matters of religion (Matthew 23:23). Take what I have to say, then, for what it’s worth: my personal opinion and food for thought, but not the official position of CRI”. 1

First Baptist Church, “The Bible teaches that everything in our lives - time, abilities, and finances - belongs to the Lord and that we are to manage His resources in His way. As God has entrusted His message to us, believers are stewards of the gospel. In regard to financial giving, the tithe is the starting place. We owe God a tithe; offerings are expressions of worship above the tithe. We believe in "storehouse tithing," giving the first ten percent through the general church budget”. 2

United Methodist Church, “The 2004 Book of Resolutions, in a statement on tithing, says, "...the 2000 General Conference adopts as a high priority for the next eight years a program for teaching and preaching for spiritual growth in giving, with an emphasis of setting tithing as a goal for every person in The United Methodist Church." 3 (Source: The Book of Resolutions of The United Methodist Church — 2004)

Independent Fundamental Baptist Church, “The Bible teaches that when we give to the Lord first, He will bless our lives. The practice of tithing, as introduced to us by Abraham, is to covenant with the Lord to give 10% of our income to Him”. 4

Wesleyan Church, “To exercise faithful stewardship through the wise use of their time and material resources, practicing careful self-discipline in order to further the mission of Christ’s church (remembering the principle of tithing which is basic to the New Testament standard of stewardship) and to demonstrate compassion to those in need”. 5

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church, in the statement of faith states, “Total Stewardship of life - time, talents, and money - including tithing through the local church”.6

Below you find a list of several other churches that tend to require tithing, teach or encourage tithing:

Assembly of God; the Church of the Nazarene; the Southern Baptist Convention, Free Methodists, American Baptist Churches; Calvary Chapel; Church of God (Cleveland, TN); the Episcopal Church; Evangelical Lutheran Church in America; the Foursquare Church; the Presbyterian Church (USA)