Everlasting Gospel News Alert, 11th October 2009

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This article is in response to the idea that Christ had a begininng some where in the ages past. Some also believe the terms, the First and the only begotten means the same thing, but they'll will be surprised! This study shows that Jesus is and will always be The UNIQUE Son of God. Not a son by creation, not a son by literal birth, but a Son begotten (unique). Must read article!
Is it only Christ righteousness? What about the righteousness (right doing) that Christ does in us? Can we be righteous (do right) by our own strength? You must read this!

- What is righteousness?

We are told Lucifer wanted to be "like the Most High" (Isaiah 14:14) and at the same time he "sinned" - broke the Law of God (Ezekiel 28:14-18). Could it be possible that Lucifer's arguement was that, one can be like God (that is kind, merciful, righteous) by disobeying the Law of God? Anybody heard the argument we don't need to keep the Law of God to be GOOD?

- Lucifer's war against the LAW of HEAVEN

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