The Cross confirms the Sabbath

Do you realize that the cross proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Sabbath is God's special sign for his people? Do you realise that to deny the Sabbath is to deny the cross?

Here we go -- what was the first test that was given to Israelites when they came out of Egypt? God rained down Manna for six days and on the seventh day, he rained down none (Ex 16:4-28).

Now, what was God's purpose in doing this? What was He trying to teach them? Trust! They were to trust and have full assurance. And the Sabbath was the test of their trust or full assurance. How were they to trust? On the seventh day, they were to trust in the full provision that was given to them on the sixth day.

How much was it given to them on the sixth day? Double portion (Ex. 16:22). This is the facinating part -- Jesus comes along and He says “I am the bread" (John 6:48-49) -- I am the manna that came down from heaven. So Jesus picks up this analogy and if he is the bread of life, then we can expect something would happen on a sixth day in the life of Jesus. What happened on a friday with Jesus? He was crucified.

So get this now -- The cross of Christ was the double portion -- the more than abounding blessings that God has given us and now what comes the day after Jesus died? It is the Sabbath. So, do we realize that the Sabbath is a test to see whether we trust in the full provision made for us at the cross? That's what it its!

Every Sabbath we keep, we are saying, "I trust in the full provision made for me at the cross, I will rest in him". That means, I am resting from my own works (Heb. 4:10). What are my own works? The works of the flesh. Therefore, the Sabbath reveals our ultimate trust in the sacrifice of Christ. The cross stands for the confirmation of the Sabbath. To deny Sabbath is to deny the very thing the cross stands for. Denying the cross is Anti-cross and who is anti-cross? Anti-Christ is Anti-cross. (Source: Based and adapted from the Audio sermon titled The Cross and the Three Angels Messages by Ivor Myers)

For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God (1 Corinthians 1:18)

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