Sabbath keeping not restated in the NT?

(The follwing article is adapted from the site Adventist Defense League with the permission of the author Edwin M. Cotto. You can click here to see the original article. All verses quoted below are from the New World Translation)

Arguement is: Even if Sabbath was established before Mt. Sinai, it is still not binding on us just like animal sacrifices (Genesis 4:4, 22:7-8, 13, 31:54) and circumcision (Genesis 17:10-14) which were in existence prior to Moses. Since all nine commanments except the fourth (Sabbath) is not restated in the New Testament, there remains no sabbath keeping for the people of God.

Let's see whether sabbath is restated in the New Testament:

Heb 4:11 There remains a Sabbath resting for the people of God. For the man that has entered into God’s rest, has himself rested from his own works just as God did from his own

Note that the NWT correctly translates the word “sabbatismos”which means sabbath keeping and the verse says, sabbath keeping remains. Howver JW's say this sabbath keeping is not the Sabbath given to the Jews but Spiritual rest that comes through Jesus. But notice in verse 11 we clearly see, “just as God did.” The verse plainly says we are to enter into a rest just as God did.

What is this the rest? Is it the rest found in Jesus?

In Jesus, we find rest from Sin, and from guilt of Sin, because he cleanses us “of all unrighteousness” – 1 John 1:9. If this rest being spoken of here is the rest from Sin found in Jesus, does God also rest from Sin and Guilt of Sin? NO

The second rest we find in Heb 3& 4 is the rest we will one day in the future experience, the Rest of Heaven/new Earth. Is this the rest Paul now speaking of in verse 10? Remember, it specifically says, “as God did from his.” Therefore, whatever rest this is, is the rest God experienced as well. Does God need to be given the rest of Heaven as we do? No, for he already abides in heaven!

There are three rests, therefore, mentioned in all of Hebrews 3 and 4:-1:

1: A rest found in Jesus Christ, that we receive when we invite him “Today” to enter into our hearts.
2: A Rest we long to enter into one day when the Lord Jesus comes to take us home, the heavens above, the New Jerusalem (John 14:2-3, Rev. 21:10).
3: The rest of the Seventh day Sabbath, upon which every week we are reminded again of the fact that, if we continue “daily” in him, we will enter into the true Canaan; Heaven itself.

Since Hebrews 4:9-10 is speaking of a rest, the above are the only three possible rests he could be speaking about. It must be the rest of the Seventh day Sabbath since it specifically says we are to rest, “as God did”.The writer of Hebrews tells us that many of the Israelites did not reach Canaan because of their lack of faith and disobedience. Similarly, there is danger for Christians, that they will not finally be saved in the kingdom of God because of their lack of faith manifested by disobedience.

Isn’t it rather curious that Hebrews specially links this up with the keeping of the seventh-day Sabbath, the one all Christendom, including the Witnesses, trample on?