Role of God the Spirit in OT

Role of the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament

First, some texts:

Eighty eight times in the OT the Spirit is mentioned.

In creation (Gen 1:2) the Spirit was the agency creating the world, but he came more as a transient visitor, for the purpose of equipping certain men for their special work.

Gen 6:3 – He strove with men
Exo 31:3-5 - He gave Bezaleel skill
Judges 14:6 – He gave Samson strength
Num 27:18 - He delivered messages through Joshua
Judges 6:34 - through Gideon
1 Sam 10:10 - Saul etc.

One writer says : “During the Patriarchal age, the influence of the Holy Spirit had often been revealed in a marked manner, but never in its fullness "

It is also significant that the Spirit is never spoken of as a “comforter” or the “Spirit of Jesus” (Phil 1:19) or the spirit of Jesus (Gal 4:6) or similar expressions.

Why are these expressions found only in the NT?

Well, something has happened, something has changed, some event has taken place!!!! Jesus was born, died and rose again and now He is in heaven ministering on our behalf.

In the NT the Spirit is mentioned 262 times because Jesus has died and rose again (Hebrews 10:14, 15).

This personal indwelling of the Holy Spirit is the distinctive glory of the NT age. In the OT it was “In working” now it is “Indwelling”.

This was a gift of the Father through the Son (John 14:16). The Spirit would thus be sent only after the death and resurrection of Jesus to VINDICATE the work of Jesus that He was indeed the Messiah (John 14:23-26). This was referred to in Matthew 3:11 and in John 1:33.

The sermon of John the Baptist was two fold.

A. the blood of the Lamb takes away sin and
B. the Gift of the Holy Spirit is now given to individual church members.

“The Holy Spirit is the highest of all gifts” that He (Jesus) could solicit for his followers. The Spirit was to be given as a regenerative agent…Sin could only be overcome through the mighty agency of the third person of the Godhead… Through the Spirit the believer becomes a partaker of the divine nature. …. Christ has given his Spirit as a divine power to overcome all hereditary and cultivates tendencies to evil, and to impress His own character upon the church”

John 7:39 “the Holy Ghost was not yet given; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.” There was promised to the church a fullness that the OT saints never had.

Also Jesus could not be everywhere at once. He instructed His disciple to tarry at Pentecost until they were endowed with the Holy Spirit. Now one person of the Godhead would live inside each saint.

Gal 3:13, 14 puts it this way “Christ hath redeemed us from the curse of the law, being made a curse for us: for it is written, Cursed is every one that hangeth on a tree: that the blessing of Abraham might come upon the Gentiles through Jesus Christ: THAT WE MIGHT RECEIVE THE PROMISE OF THE SPIRIT THORUGH FAITH.”

That means that the Holy Spirit was not available in His fullness to individuals in the OT times and was not available in the NT times UNTIL Jesus died and rose again

To put it a little clearer, The Holy Spirit was NOT manifested in individual hearts in the OT applying the merits of Jesus’ sacrifice until the “age or dispensation of the Holy Spirit”.
In other words, The Holy Spirit did not work on individual hearts like he does today.

The MISSION of the Holy Spirit to the believer is 5 things:

He reveals Christ
He reveals God’s truth in our inmost being (John 16:13; 14:26)
He guides us into all truth
He brings holiness to mankind
He glorifies Christ
He testifies of Christ

All this he could not do in our hearts until after the cross (John 16:7). Jesus talked with His disciples (John 16: 16, 17) and said “I will pray the Father and He shall give you another comforter…. And (he) shall be IN YOU.

In ages past the Holy Spirit had been WITH men – Now he shall be IN men.

The Mission of the Spirit to the UNBELIEVER is found I John 16:8-11 Notice: “When He is come…” – That means after Calvary and Pentecost he would ….

Reprove the world of sin
Of Righteousness
And of Judgment

That means that the Spirit would bring a news sense of shame and sin to the sinner (Remember 3000 were converted on the day of Pentecost after the Spirit was poured out). The coming of the Spirit (Luke 24:45-53; Acts 1:1-8; 2:1-7, 11-18, 21, 32, 33, 36-39)

What a difference the Holy Spirit made. Before the Pouring out of the Holy Spirit, Peter was scared, and he cursed and swore, “I know Him not” , but after the out pouring of the Holy Spirit Peter was bold.

The POWER was given to accomplish the task, and now they were to GO and teach.

We need the baptism of the Holy Spirit today!

So the promise of the Holy Spirit means that we have one member of the Godhead with us IN us now that was not available before.

He now fills the offices of the church Eph 4:11,
He blesses the church Acts 15: 28;
He send s forth workers, Acts 13: 2-4

The focus is on Pentecost and the tremendous transaction that occurred there.
POWER Acts 1:8.

The Holy Spirit will empower the His people.This power is not for a privileged few but for the whole church(Acts 2:17,18 ALL the 120 believers receive d the Holy Spirit’s power – Acts 2:4; 4:8; 6:3-5; 7:55; 11:22-24; 13;9,10)