What is the Real Gospel?

What Is the Real Gospel?

This course will be divided into four sections, each dealing with a separate aspect of the salvation process. The lessons and subjects are as follows:

Lessons 1-4 -- What Is Sin?
Lessons 5-8 -- How Did Christ Live?
Lessons 9-12 -- What Are Justification and Sanctification?
Lessons 13-16 -- What Is Biblical Perfection?

As you study these lessons, be sure to ask the Holy Spirit to guide your mind before you open God's Word. Only the One Who inspired the Word can bring the meaning of that Word home to our minds.


Lesson 1
Two Definitions of Sin

Lesson 2
Result and the Penalty of Sin

Lesson 3
Sin as Choice

Lesson 4
What about Original Sin

Lesson 5
The Word became Flesh

Lesson 6
Christ took Our Nature

Lesson 7
No Sinful Habits

Lesson 8
How was Jesus Tempted

Lesson 9
Justification Declared

Lesson 10
Justification Experienced

Lesson 11
Sanctification Declared

Lesson 12
Sanctification Experienced

Lesson 13
Is Perfection Really Possible

Lesson 14
Victory Over Sin

Lesson 15
The Final Generation

Lesson 16
Why is it so Important?