These Last Days - 32 self-study Bible course

This is a 32 lesson self-study Bible course on vital issues of concern today. Featuring the major end-time prophecies and other great Bible themes, each lesson points to Scripture passages which answer today's most important questions.

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The Bible studies, titled “These Last Days” were written by Pastor Ken LeBrun.

Lesson 1:
How can we know the future?

Lesson 2:
Will There Soon Be One World Government?

Lesson 3:
Could We Be Earth's Final Generation?

Supplement to Lesson 3
Revelation's Seven Seals

Lesson 4:
How Will the World End?

Lesson 5:
Preview of the Coming Age

Lesson 6:
Invisible Forces Behind the Scenes: A Study of Angels

Lesson 7:
You Can Be a New Person!

Lesson 8:
You Can Be a Friend of God!

Lesson 9
What Happens to People When They Die?

Supplement to Lesson 9
A Closer Look at texts sometimes used to promote the idea of consciousness in death

Lesson 10:
What Is a Soul?

Lesson 11:
The Secret of Immortality

Lesson 12:
Questions on Hell

Supplement to Lesson 12
Biblical Expressions, Biblical Explanations

Lesson 13:
Mystery of Godliness

Lesson 14:
The World's Greatest Time Prophecy

Lesson 15:
Revelation Unseals Daniel's Prophecy

Supplement to Lesson 15
The Gospel in the Old Testament and End Time

Lesson 16:
The Cleansing of the Sanctuary

Lesson 17:
How to Give Your Heart to Christ

Lesson 18:
The Treasure in the Temple

Supplement to Lesson 18
What the bible says about being under the Law

Lesson 19:
Remember Now thy Creator

Lesson 20:
God's Commandment Remains Unchanged

Supplement to Lesson 20
Answering Your Questions Regarding the Lord's Holy Day

Lesson 21:
Winds, Waves, and Beasts from the Sea

Lesson 22:
The Beast of Revelation 13

Supplement to Lesson 22
Man who claimed to change Gods Law

Lesson 23:
The Sign of Loyalty

Supplement to Lesson 23
United States in Prophecy

Lesson 24:
A Day to Remember

Lesson 25:
Gods claim upon your body

Supplement to Lesson 25
Secrets of Abundant life

Lesson 26:
Christian and the World

Lesson 27:
Recognizing Gods Ownership

Lesson 28:
Gods Special People

Supplement to Lesson 28
The Remnant of Christs Church

Lesson 29:
The Spirit of Prophecy

Lesson 30:
Testing the Gifts

Lesson 31:
When All Religions Unite

Lesson 32:
When You Hear His Voice