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This blogspot/website is created to give our readers an understanding on the teachings of the bible and answer arguments and questions raised against the teachings of the scriptures.

You can find:

a) External links :

1) The following sites are an excellent expose of biblical teachings:

(Amazing Discoveries, Amazing Facts, Answers for Questions, Bible Light, Bible Schools, Bible Info, Maranatha Media, Online Bible Study, Pickle Publishing, The Three Angels, White Horse Media)

2) The following are excellent biblical defense sites answering various questions raised by critics:

(Biblical Research Institute, Answering Adventist Critics, Adventist Defense League)

b) We have a section called “Answering Jehovah Witness’s from the New World Translation” – Topics such as Godhead, the Law of God & the Sabbath etc. are covered using the NWT! If there was any reason more than another why the NWT was produced, it was not to uphold the Deity of Jesus Christ. Yet the truth is still in the translation. But we by no means recommend or approve the NWT for bible study!

c)You can find various other articles & links that should assist you in your search for bible truth!

I have gained a great blessing and I pray & hope that you would experience the same by visiting this site.

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DISCLAIMER: I have visited the above sites and find them to contain excellent resources. While I may not agree totally with all views presented or how something is presented, I have found abundant truth to warrant my recommendation to you. I plead that when visiting any site, please do not just accept every view presented as being bible truth without testing it by God's word when doing your study. Please do contact me for any questions or concerns.